24/7 Prayer


30 minutes of prayer for the country

Read Psalm 99 – spend a short time reflecting upon what this psalm teaches us of God, of his relationship towards us. 

Consider the words of v6: “they called upon the Lord and he answered them”.



For those who lead the country at this time – the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the leaders of the Scottish, Welsh, and Nortern Irish governments, praying for wisdom and integrity as they all lead and have to make complex decisions in these difficult times.

For the young people of our nation – facing disruption to their education; for all those struggling with mental health issues; for all those struggling in the current situation at universities.

For the vulnerable people of our country – the elderly, those who are living with chronic health conditions.  Thank God for all who work in nursing and care homes and provide care in the community and in people’s homes.

For all working in healthcare – those forced to make difficult decisions about what care can be offered in the face of covid-19 pressures, or about what treatment should be given to an individual; all who are struggling with excessive and stressful work.  Thank God for the NHS and for the access to medical care we have.

For the economy of our country – the many business owners and employees facing financial hardship or unemployment; the Brexit negotiations and the implementation of new laws and regulations.

Look at the day’s news stories or recall what you have heard on the news today about our country and lift these situations before our great God.


Praise God, that he not only hears our prayers but answers them.